SAFI at the World Congress of Philosophy 2024

SAFI’s roundtable on “Women in Legal Philosophy: Perspectives on Legitimacy and Justice”

We are thrilled to announce that SAFI will be participating in the World Congress of Philosophy 2024, to be held at La Sapienza in Rome. Our presence at this esteemed event is set to make a resounding mark with a roundtable discussion on the topic:

Women in Legal Philosophy: Perspectives on Legitimacy and Justice


  • Dr. Kristin Y. Albrecht (University of Salzburg, Austria), Measuring environmental damage in international law
  • Dr. Sabrina Zucca-Soest (Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, Germany), Environmental protection of the State – a duty?
  • Dr. Giulia Battistoni (University of Verona – Boston University, Italy-USA), Grounding responsibility and punishment for environmental offences
  • Dr. Ana Cannilla (University of Glasgow, Scotland), Moral Turns in New Constitutional Theory
  • Dr. Alma Diamond (University of Chicago Law School, USA), Public reason and civil disobedience
  • Dr. Chiara Magni (Roma Tre University – Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Italy-France), Investigating the use of risk assessment tools in criminal justice with Hegel

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