CfP: B@belonline & 25th World Congress of Philosophy

SAFI aims at being present at the 25th World Congress of Philosophy to introduce itself to all women philosophers working on law. In this context, we may draw attention to the Call for Papers of the journal b@belonline (DL: 15.1.23). The journal cooperates with the Italian Society of Philosophy and the World Congress for this issue:

“Philosophy across boundaries is the overall theme of the 25th World Congress of Philosophy to be held in Rome in August 2024, to be organized by the International Federation of Philosophical Societies with the collaboration of the Italian Philosophical Society. The theme immediately challenges the journal B@belonline, which since its beginnings has set out to overcome the boundaries of codified knowledge, to deconstruct conventional divisions, to break down pre-constituted rigidities. In this journey leading up to the Congress, the next issue of B@belonline – entitled Thinking beyond boundaries: in search of new meanings between present and future – aims to offer a space for thinking on a broad theme that, starting from the current social, cultural, historical and political context, tries to imagine future scenarios.

A space in which philosophy meets and collides with other areas of knowledge, and embraces a project of interdisciplinary, of open epistemology, in a meaningful sense; a research manifesto that does not mean devaluing any knowledge, nor its own absolutism, nor does it mean placing a priori closures, nor pursuing a syncretism of convenience. On the contrary –starting from the plurivocity and multivocity inherent reality itself –it wants to focus to the different logics present in many cognitive experiences.In this perspective, border does not play the role of limit, but that of new horizon, permeable space, decisive passages in our present that will open up our future.Philosophy in this way can place itself at the centre of a global reflection on the cultural, social and economic issues of contemporary world, offering itself as a modelof dialogue and exchange, to rethink the categories of the understandingof reality, but above all as a powerful tool of thought to design the future.Scholars and researchers are invited to submit an abstractof no more than 700 words with 5 keywords by 15 January 2023.

Eligible research fields: Aesthetics, Ethics, Politics and Rights, Social Analysis, Anthropology, Feminist Philosophies, Analytical Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Mind, Hermeneutics, Phenomenology, Sustainability and Environment, Teaching Philosophy.

The document, strictly in *word or *pdf format, should include author’s first name and surname, University orinstitute, if any, and email. Notification of accepted abstracts will be given by 10th February 2023.The final text is due by30thMay 2023. For info write to: